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Location-Based Animal Hospital Information

Check out the locations, operating hours, specialty care, etc. of the veterinary hospitals around you and make a quick reservation.


Medical Record Sharing

Keep your companion animal’s medical records and medical diary from different hospitals all together.


Daily Care

Keep your companion animal healthy through a customized daily checklist (reminders).

Make reservations quickly
and get accurate care.


Find hospital information on location basis and book quickly

You can check the details of the hospital (specialist, small animal care, doctor etc.) in advance and make an easy reservation.


Identify and raise your pet properly with medical records

Check the medical records of the animal that the veterinarian delivered. It helps prevent companion disease and helps with proper nurturing methods.

Dr.Tail provides the best service
through constant updates.

Check for updates and use Dr.Tail more conveniently.

Allow pet owners to use medical records for their pet’s health and for the pet community.

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